Savoy, Panini, Majestic,
No other appliance bakes better than the contact grill of ROLLER GRILL steaks, burgers to the core, sandwiches ... without weight loss, juicy and with retention of all flavors and vitamins. The cast-iron baking trays have excellent heat conduction, which results in an optimal and homogeneous cooking result. The weight of the baking sheet is compensated with an adjustable tension spring, so that the baking process can be adapted to the product.

The bottom baking tray can be provided flat for the preparation of fried eggs, omelettes, Swedish bread, galettes, blinis,
wraps…. Equipment: 0-300 ° C control thermostat, removable grease tray, heat-resistant handles, on / off switch, indicator lights. Delivered with a scraper to facilitate cleaning.

With the PANINI XL you have two devices in one.
1 ° Contact grill: baking surface (360 x 360) making it possible to bake 5 paninis at the same time.
Production up to 130 paninis / h! 2 ° Baking tray: Production of up to 415 hamburgers per hour! Robust construction perfectly adapted to an intensive use of safety clone.
wide fat collection tray at the front, 2 positions.

Delivered with 4 supplementary leveling feet with a height of 100 mm (CE-UL / NSF). Equipment: Precision thermostat 0-300 ° C, heat-resistant handles, switch, wide removable grease tray, indicator light and a scraper to facilitate cleaning.